Webinar: HepC ECHO

When:  Oct 8, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (CT)

Join Our Free Educational Webinar on the Hepatitis C ECHO

Are you ready to expand your knowledge and make an impact on Hepatitis C treatment in Missouri? Join us for an enlightening and informative webinar that delves into the scope of the Hepatitis C epidemic in our state and explores how the Hep C ECHO can significantly boost treatment capacity.

Webinar: Hepatitis C ECHO

Tuesday, October 8th at 12:00 PM (CT)


Hosted by: Missouri Rural Health Association in partnership with HepC ECHO
Rachel Melson, ECHO member and Clinic Director at Swope Health

Webinar Highlights:

  • Scope of the Epidemic in Missouri: Understand the current landscape and statistics of Hepatitis C cases.
  • Participating in Hep C ECHO: Learn about the simplicity and benefits of joining the Hep C ECHO community to enhance treatment capacity.
  • Success Stories: Hear real-life examples of successful Hep C treatments and initiatives.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Get your questions answered by our team of experts.

Even if Hepatitis C isn't your primary interest, this webinar offers valuable insights into the dynamics of being an active member of an ECHO community. The Hepatitis C ECHO empowers and supports primary care providers, enabling them to confidently treat patients with liver diseases, particularly viral hepatitis and fatty liver disease. This multidisciplinary team of experts will engage with participants via interactive online videoconferencing.

This webinar is open to both MRHA members and the public.

Learn more about the Hep C ECHO here: Hepatitis C - Show-Me ECHOShow-Me ECHO (showmeecho.org)


Online Instructions:
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